We are AbleTree.

AbleTree Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to realign education to suit the preferences of the learner. Based in the beautiful Indian state of Goa, we work with individuals and groups of varied ages and capabilities. We aim to provide inclusive learning opportunities to all through vocational and skill based programs that differ from conventional methods of education. 

With the changing times, education is no longer what it used to be. Education is evolving. And as educators, we aim to embrace the evolution. At AbleTree Foundation, we use today's tools and technologies to make education more accessible to more people. After all, education is for everyone. 


Providing education that is constructed around the abilities of the learner.


Using education to create an inclusive learning environment for all people - young and old.


Providing alternative and vocational skills that vary from conventional methods.


Creating self-directed learning so new skills can be acquired independently.


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The Owl House is India's first-of-its-kind community service initiative that helps individuals and families with neurological differences integrate into society.

Situated in the quiet village of Aldona, the premises are equipped with workstations, a large dance workshop area, an art & music therapy room, a serene sensory room as well as a cafeteria. We also have a lush outdoor space for horticulture therapy that houses an edible garden.    

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The Living Heritage app is India’s first tree mapping app for tree enthusiasts. Being developed in Goa by a start up called Nova Semita, the app aims at building a bond between trees and citizens citizens. 

You don’t need to be a botanist to be able to use this app, just an interested citizen eager to know more about trees and their benefits to us. We are currently working with varied user groups to launch this app in more cities across the nation. 


Help us empower more people with the joys of learning. Connect with us to discuss how you can lend your support.

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